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Douggs, Getting it Done in the UK

Published on:
29 Jun 2009

Chris 'Douggs' McDougall has sent us some excellent shots of soaring and swooping the coastal cliffs of Scotland. A nomadic Australian by birth and by nature, Douggs is posted in Scotland for offshore work and is trying to take advantage of his temporary location away from his favorite alpine cliffs (Douggs is a world-renowned BASE jumper and Skydiver). Douggs says that the Bullet series and the XT16 are getting him his airplay fix, and keeping him well satisfied even though there isn't much BASE jumping to be had at his current location ;-) Check out the photos at right, all by Douggs & Co (Jackie Dodd et al). For more great entertaining photos and video on a slightly unrelated topic, check out Douggs' excellent site at http://www.basedreams.com/


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