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Dave Edwards Tearing it Up in NZ

Published on:
28 Oct 2008

Here's a short clip http://www.hdfilms.co.nz/movies/DaveE.mov (from HD Films of NZ) of Dave Edwards showing what can be done with a Bullet 14m. Dave's on the original Bullet 14 - we're now 2 versions into the future, but obviously the original flies pretty good as well. The Bullet 009 14m is similar in aspect ratio with a bit less performance and a more comfortable feel and a more mellow handling - basically much nicer to fly, and still plenty precise. If you haven't soared a mini-wing yet, then you must try. It's just like flying a big wing, only (if you ask a lot of pilots) more fun! Cheers from all the Team, and nice work Dave!


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