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Mal Haskins at Treble Cone: Great Foot-Launch vid!

Published on:
22 Jul 2009

Mal Haskins is getting ready for the coming NZ winter this year with some foot launched flight on his Bullet 12m. Mal is a big boy and as you can see his trim speed on the 12m is pretty high, it'd be like a lighter person foot launching a 10m. This year pilots are taking foot launched speed flight to new levels, we're excited to see the range of possibilities being explored, from simple descent flights with the XT16 to high wind soaring with all sizes of wings, and even some foot launched Bullet GT flights have gone down recently... stay tuned for a film by Wolfgang Pilch showing the Ozone Team foot launching the 7.7m GT in the Alps. Mal's vid has great angles and gives a good view of the pilot's perspective and the pilot's input, check it out here.


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