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Ongoing Evolution - The Rapido 3!

Published on:
06 Oct 2022

The Rapido 3 represents the absolute pinnacle of modern Speedwing design.  Flown by top foot-launch and speedriding pilots around the world, the Rapido 3 leads the industry in top-speed, roll sensitivity, and swoop performance.

Building on its predecessor, the “Rapi-Dos” – the R3 incorporates lighter-weight, but higher denier fabric, new cross-port design for increased stability and decreased weight, and modified trim and line-attachment settings for improved performance.

Because of the wide variety of pilots and use-cases for the Rapido 3, Ozone has opted to offer both sheathed, and unsheathed line-option for this high-performance wing.  Whether your goal is maximum speed and efficiency, or durability and ease-of-use, the Rapido 3 series has all of the intermediate-to-advanced pilot’s needs covered, and is available in a broad range of sizes from 6.5m to 15m.

Click here to visit the Rapido 3’s product page, and dig into the technical specifications on this amazing new glider.


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