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The much-anticipated LiteSpeed 3!

Published on:
20 Oct 2022

Ozone is incredibly excited to announce the recent launch of our newest ultralight miniwing, the Litespeed 3!  Incorporating favored components from both the popular prior Litespeed-models as well as the Zero 3, this new glider combines lightweight, dynamic handling, and an efficient design into an agile wing with low pack-volume.

The LiteSpeed 3 excels in a wide range of conditions, from calm-wind proximity flying to big-mountain hike-and-fly and high-wind soaring. And, like the Zero 3, it is nimble in the air and fun to fly, with glide performance that makes it comfortable at a broad range of sites.

The 15m to 19m size range allows you to choose the character and performance you desire based on your personal wing-loading**. Paraglider pilots of beginner-intermediate skill and higher will enjoy LiteSpeed 3's dynamic handling and stability, while experienced Mini-Wing and Speedwing pilots will discover an amazing new platform for even complex maneuvers.

Click Here to visit the LiteSpeed 3 product page and learn more!


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