Pascal Vallee

Profession: Paramotor Instructor

First flight: 2006

When and how did you start to fly a paramotor?

I began paramotoring after coincidentally meeting a paramotor pilot who lives near my home! Although this pilot wasn't an instructor, he taught me how to take off and fly on a paramotor!

Tell us your favourite…

  • Wing: Ozone Viper
  • Motor: Parajet Vittorazi Atom 80
  • Place to fly: at home in Angouleme, France

What other passions do you have, or activities do you enjoy?

I have a strong passion for paragliding cross-country flights, particularly enjoying hike & fly adventures the most. I've been riding enduro bikes for years, and I compete in races during the winter. I also like other outdoor activities like cycling and hiking and many more.

Tell us the best advice you have on:

  • Learning to fly: Safety, fun and performance come from putting in the effort, being patient, and giving yourself time to improve. Remember, taking unnecessary risks doesn't benefit pilots in the long run.
  • The gear: Avoid using racing equipment if you're not ready to handle the speed and performance it offers.
  • Progressing your skills and overcoming challenges: One of the best ways to advance in your skills is by participating in competitions. Here's why: you get to meet new pilot friends, explore new tasks with added safety since you're not alone in analyzing weather conditions and techniques. And remember, patience is key.

Please tell us more about the current … that you’re working on:

  • Mission/project: In 2024 I participate in Hike&fly comps: The X'Pyr. As part of the preparation, I am planning to use a paramotor to scout various potential routes. Additionally, I have other video projects, along with annual missions for the French team
  • Goal:  My main goal is to always have fun!

Why is flying important to you, and what does flying mean to you?

Flying makes me feel truly free! It's super important to me because it changed my life. I left my old job to fly, and paramotoring has given me so much joy, success, and fulfilment. I'm thankful for the world of paramotoring and paragliding!

Flying accomplishments (competitions, projects, records, airshows, etc):

  • 2011 French Paramotor Champion
  • 2012 World Paramotor Champion
  • Multiple Winner of the UK and Belgium Paramotor Championships.
  • Parabatix Team Pilot
  • Director for Paramotor Film Projects

Do you have any goals, dreams or plans for the next 1-2 years that you want to share?

I'm working on a video project for my YouTube channel, where I'll be sharing more paramotoring trips from around the world!

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