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Published on:
04 Jan 2015

We have just released the official video about the Roadster 2 with incredible footage of the Ozone Team pilots flying in Moab, Utah.

The Roadster 2 is a fully reflexed paramotor glider. First and foremost it is a fun, safe wing that is forgiving to fly. It is a dependable platform that is ideal for everyday flying and a broad range of pilots, from experienced to beginners. With lower airtime pilots in mind, special attention has been made to the launching characteristics and general ease of use, however due to the high levels of efficiency, high top speed and Ozone’s trademark handling, it is also ideal for intermediate, even experienced pilots who enjoy low level buzzing and long XC adventures. The Roadster 2 is for any pilot who wants to progress safely and push their boundaries with the reassurance of an EN B certified wing. More info about the wing here Special thanks to: and the pilots who participated: Emilia Plak, Chad Bastian, Loren Cox, Justin Brim, Karl Steslicke.


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