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Video: Paramotor vs Motorcycle, Alex Mateos and Big Jim

Published on:
16 Nov 2014

FlashpixStudio recently released a nice video that includes Ozone Team pilot Alex Mateos and Big Jim, a BMW sponsored professional motorcycle rider. The video is so spectacular that it very quickly reached 10,000 views in the first few days after release. Alex Mateos says: "This video was made on a circuit Clastres in France. We spend there a few days flying and riding together in weather conditions good enough to make all the precision shots we wanted. For me it was the first time I flew on a circuit and together with such a talented and passionate rider like Bi Jim. We came with this idea because Big Jim is a paramotor pilot  as well and  we though it would be interesting to fly and ride together to promote both disciplines.  It was great fun to fly next to him and being able to touch his hands or helmet. Good fun flying and good laugh but same time plenty of work to make it happen. Thank you for all the team, everybody who help us to make this video!" Cheers from all the Team.


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