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Happy New Year from Ozone

Published on:
30 Dec 2022

Happy new year!

Together we had an amazing 2022 and hope 2023 will be more amazing. May the light of this New Year brings a fresh vibe to your family and dear ones. 2022 was full of success.

We are especially grateful and very proud of all Ozone pilots who participated in competitions.

The biggest achievements go to

Alex Mates who won Gold in Slalom Championships (Freeride 2),

Pasquale Biondo and Boris Tysebaert won Gold in the World Classic Paramotor Championships (Viper 5) and

Marie Mateos - the best female pilot in both those events.

There are many more pilots to be mentioned for their achievements this year:

Bartosz Nowicki - Polish Champion in Slalom

Marie Mateos - French Champion in Classic Competition

Prycilla Zgoda - Female Champion in Classic Competition in Brazil

Richard Doland and Andrew Twitty flew 5000 km across Australia unsupported! What a great adventure! and many more...

All of us at Ozone HQ would like to thank sincerely to all Ozone distributors around the World, for your support and teamwork as we care for our customers and our sport. We are very happy to be working with you!

Thank you for choosing Ozone wings!

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