Jose Cobo

Where do you live, and where are your "home" flying sites? I live in Quito, Ecuador. My home flying sites are the "Casitagua" volcano (3000 meters above sea level) located right at the equator, and "Canoa" beach during the summer time.

How were you first introduced to flying? The first time I saw speedflying was watching the film "It's Fantastic" back in 2011, I said: that's what I want to do! So in 2012 went to Colorado, US and took a complete P2 paragliding course doing my last flights on a 16m speedwing, then came back to Ecuador and started discovering the best places to speedfly.

What do you do for work? I work in Video Production, mainly doing Adventure Documentaries. I also teach Speedflying here in Ecuador!

Why is Speedflying important to you - what does it represent? Speedflying is important to me because it opened a new world of adventures. Flying in general is a great tool to combine with climbing and mountaineering, and it has let me fly from the highest volcanoes in Ecuador. I think speedflying is one of the simplest ways to fly. It invites everyone to enjoy flying at its basics. Speedflying is so exciting that I transformed all my climbing friends into flyers and has allowed us to expand this new sport in my region.