Patrick Hennessey

Where do you live? I'm from Leavenworth WA, a Bavarian themed tourist town in the heart of the Cascade Mountains. The flying here is endless with lots left to be discovered!

How did you get into Speedflying? The first time I saw a speedwing I was snowboarding down an run early-season and a buddy flew over me on skis. All I wanted to do on my snowboard was catch more air so naturally I was instantly interested in flying!

What do you do for work? I currently work construction building houses in the Leavenworth area but I spend most winters teaching people how to snowboard and hope to be formally instrucrting speed flying soon!

What does Speedflying mean to you? Speed flying to me is a way to connect with nature and find that moment of flow with the elements that surround us. You can’t do this sport without understanding the winds, weather and terrain but when everything lines up it creates a moment of beauty! You should try it!!