Alexandre Mulle

Where do you live? Nyon in Switzerland

What do you do for work? Investment fund accountant

What year, and how old were you when you started flying? I began flying in 2018, back when I was 22 years old

What other passions do you have, or activities do you enjoy? Skydiving, Skiing, Paragliding and... Computer Games ahah!

Why is flying important to you, and what does flying mean to you? Flying has become my lifestyle. Those moments shared with friends during flying trips are some of the most insane experience we can have in this lifetime. I particularly enjoy the focus needed to achieve some lines - this is something special for me!

Notable accomplishments. I have been flying for the first time some big wingsuit cracks other the Alps, from the original Crack in Walenstadt back in 2020, to the Death Star line in Alta Badia in 2023. Travelling around to events, meeting new people and having fun is what makes this sport so awesome.

Do you have any goals, dreams or plans for the next 1-2 years that you want to share? Meeting new speedflyers, spreading safety and piloting tips, and enjoying life...

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