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Speeding the Grossglockner

Published on:
22 Sep 2008

Austrian Philipp Benda recently climbed and then rode the famous Grossglockner peak, the highest mountain in the Austrian Alps. Philipp and his team climbed the entire summit without any assistance from helicopters - just with the power of their legs and minds, in the spirit of true adventure. Philipp & Co are planning to head to the central Swiss Alps soon, where they plan to make more adventure ascents of the highest peaks in the Berner Oberland, and then speed fly from the summits. If they succeed then they will achieve several first speed flying ascent / descents. Phil reports on his climb / fly: After an alpine ascent of 12 hours we slept at about 3200 meters and flew off the next evening after the wind dropped a little. We landed on the Pasterze glacier which was covered in little stones - not an easy landing at all as we were all skiing in climbing softboots.
  • The tech info:
  • total descent of 1500 m
  • groundspeed approx 80 km/h
  • vertical speed of 4 m/sek.
  • duration 6.5 minutes
Congratulations boys, nice work. The flight down is always more rewarding when you earn it with a nice long climb! Cheers from all the Team.


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