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Team Egmond >> Capetown Madness video

Published on:
02 Aug 2011

Wintertime in Holland can be fun but most of the days are grey and cold.  In February we had enough of it and decided it was time to get the summer feeling back. We packed all our gear and headed off to Cape Town, to the Endless Summer Beachhouse. We've been there a few times before so we knew Cape Town is a great place for kiteboarding and paragliding.  But this year was different. Just before we left Holland a package arrived from Ozone, 3 brand new XT16 speedwings and Atak harnesses. A few hours after our plane landed in Cape Town we already launched our new speedwings from Lions Head and had an amazing flight down to Camps Bay. In Cape Town the wind always picks up in the afternoon so we switched the XT16’s for our custom C4’s and had a great afternoon session in Table View right in front of our guesthouse. After this first day we realized the next 3 weeks were going to be great.  We knew where to go for kiting and gliding but it was an adventure to find the right spots for speedflying. The local Ozone dealer told us about Chapmans Peak. After a nice hike up there are multiple launches. Had some great flights there! Check the video to see where to go to when the place you live is getting cold and grey! Greetz, Team Kite-Egmond


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